Luggage Tag for AirTag

Luggage Tag with Hidden Compartment for Apple AirTag. Designed at my start-up IoT Slash and distributed on


Mobile App for ThereYet? GPS Trackers, available for iPhone and Android. Developed in Flutter + Serverless AWS at my start-up IoT Slash

Employee Portal

Web Portal & Mobile App for an industrial contracting company, with features such as daily schedule, timesheet reporting and fleet tracking. Developed in React and React Native, with Serverless AWS and MongoDB Atlas as backend

Wyze Cam Accessories

Silicone Skins and Acrylic Enclosures for the most popular Wyze Cam products. Best-selling accessories on, designed at my start-up IoT Slash

Xfinity Home - Device Ecosystem

End-to-End Development of a new Device Ecosystem for Home Security and Automation, directing and coaching a team of Senior Managers as Director of Product Management at Comcast


Open-Innovation effort to develop a Digital Storage Device with real-time Media Transcoding, recipient of the Connected Home Design & Technology Innovation Award in 2012. I directed this project as Global Product Manager at Vodafone Group

Tv Connect

End-to-End Development of a hybrid set-top box with DTT tuners, DVR, Catch-up TV widgets, multi-screen experience and DLNA. I led this project as Senior Product Manager at Vodafone Italy

La3 - Web Portal

Web Portal for the launch of 3 Italy’s Mobile TV, including a multi-feed online TV Guide. As Client / Project Manager at LBi Italy, I led a cross-functional team to develop it on budget and in record time

Blockbuster Italy - Web Portal

The evolution of Blockbuster Italy's on-line presence for over two years (2004 - 2006), from the first web portal to a complete e-commerce solution, which I directed as Client / Project Manager at LBi Italy

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