Stefano Picker is a Web & App Developer focused on Node.js, React / Native, and Flutter.
He is self-taught since the early years of the Web. More recently, he completed the Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stefano is also a world-class Product Manager with experience in Italy, the United Kingdom and both coasts of the United States.
He holds an MBA with Honors from a World's Top 50 Business School, but he loves to go beyond the strategic level and delve into product requirements and user stories, prototyping and iterative development, product testing and user trials.

As a practitioner and advocate of discovery-driven methodologies such as Agile Development and The Lean Startup, Stefano thrives in entrepreneurial environments of any size. He has shown to be equally comfortable:

» designing and developing Web and Mobile Apps to solve problems through user-driven experiences, as a freelancer and as part of development teams;

» being a Solo-Entrepreneur to start an e-commerce business and develop IoT solutions, leveraging his own skills as well as a global team of freelancers;

» leading and coaching a team of Product Managers at a Fortune 50 company, where as a Director he successfully introduced a discovery-driven process to improve product-market fit.



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